Webmu 2012 – Blogger meetup in Berlin

The Hauptstadt will never be the same.
Berlin is going to host WEBMU (Whiney Expat Bloggers Meet-Up) this year!
Put September 7-9 in your calendar and get your chance to meet your favorite expat bloggers face to face.
Looking back, we’ve had WEBMU meet-ups so far in Bonn (2006), Dresden (2007), Bremen / pics (2008), Munich pics (2009), Hamburg / pics (2010), and Cologne / pics (2011).
I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of Bremen, Munich & Cologne and found them to be exciting and interesting. I always end up with no voice and new friends… even when I’ve been a bad – ahem, absent – blogger, they still welcome me with open arms. It really is a great group of people.
Finally after hinting at it for years, the group has decided to bring this bunch of craziness to Berlin! Whew, I guess this means I need to find a thinking cap! Mandi of No Apathy Allowed and I will be putting together the details. Thankfully she’s an old hat at this, since she helped put the Hamburg WEBMU together.
If you’re blogging/Tweeting in English while living in Germany, and think it would be fun to hang out with other English-language bloggers talking about the thrills and pitfalls of being an Ausländer in Deutschland – Come to BERLIN!

It isn’t just an event. It is a forum for people just like us. Need to know where to find your Christmas Crackers in Munich? Just ask. Looking for help about how to more easily assimilate into the German world? We’ve been there, done that, and can help you too.
Register yourself for the discussion board and prepare to laugh, talk, make new friends and generally enjoy yourself at WEBMU 2012!!
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