Berlin is Blooming

Easter Egg Tree
Ah, I love spring and most of what comes with it.
Here in Berlin it brings the people out. Many of us have been trapped inside for months now. The winter weather in the Hauptstadt is simply put, not pleasant. Temperatures hovering at the 0 mark (32F) for months on end, a gray blanket which serves as a sky shielding us from the sun; these things are considered normal through the harsh Berlin winter.
Spring on the Spree
To remain true to our Berlin heritage, the citizens (also known in my circle as Berliner Bears) are good hibernators. When we absolutely MUST get out, we scurry from place to place bundled up against that unforgiving wind out of Mother Russia. 
But with the increased frequency of blue sky sightings and golden orb warmth comes the unmistakable urge to get outside. Even in the chilliest of weather, as long as there is sun to be absorbed, Berliners can be found huddling on cafe patios, sipping warm goodness while wrapped in blankets provided by enterprising cafe owners.
The chocolate
goodies are gone
Moving forward to now. Spring has sprung in all ways possible. Berliners can be seen walking the streets contrasting the almost completely empty areas seen just a month or so previous. The brown grass has given way to fresh, green blades with flowering weeds interspersed. And in the streets, the grassy areas separating the lanes are bursting forth with perennial bulb flowers planted haphazardly by past Berliners as a way of sharing the floral wealth.
The air coming up from the subway is cooler than the air on the street… a sure sign that the times are changing. All winter long as one sinks into the depths of the subway, the air coming at you can be counted upon to be warmer than the incredible chill felt on the street.
Tulips at Britzer Garten
Berliners are not just coming out in droves, they are wandering around, enjoying the temperatures, wallowing in the warmth, holding their faces up to the sun as though to absorb every bit it has to offer. Bicycles are on the paths, people are on the riverbanks, motorcycles are heard, windows are being thrown open, and Berlin is at long last thawing.

What is not to love about spring in Berlin?
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2 thoughts on “Berlin is Blooming

  1. Bing and I are thinking of re-locating to Berlin when we retire as she has already been offered a job there! But…I dunno…she DETESTS cold weather and this sounds colder than the prairie!

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