World Cup Fever

Well, I can finally admit it. I’m a changed person. The move to Germany has made me a “soccer” fan. Yes, Fußball has me. Friday night as the UK goalie scored a goal for the USA I giggled madly. Sunday night as the German National Team whooped ass on Australia (come on, would you expect any less?) I had a shit-eating grin on my face. Yes, I’m hooked.

The picture above was from a little gathering Sweet No and I had on the occasion of Germany’s first match game. Look closely at the colors of the food. Black Red Gold! The colors of the German flag. Yes we went crazy! Blue berries and Buletten (basically a meatball) were representing black (well, they really WEREN’T black… in fact, I got some comments that they were lovely), strawberries and bell peppers were red, and apricots, pineapple and more peppers represented the gold/yellow.

Not really pictured, we had Kostritzer schwarzbier in the line of drinks back there, then red Bionade and Gold Becks beer… how cute is that?

The sauces? Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce (actually purchased here) “kinda black”, ketchup “duh, red”, and a mix of curry sauce and Bautzner mustard, “yellow baby”.

Maybe a little bit overboard, but fun none the less.

Also fun was this morning’s breakfast. Yes, you’re seeing that right, the bread (in this case a bagel) has been scored in such a way before baking/cooking so as to pop up with what looks like a soccer ball. Add to that the German flag and hey, you have a gen-u-ine “Fanartikel“.

While I’m on the subject of the Cup, let me just say… ENOUGH WITH THE VUVUZELA’S!!! I get it, South Africa loves the horn, they use it for every game. Who knew that a silly plastic horn could be so distracting? Maybe because we didn’t think about THOUSANDS of them all playing together sounding like an angry bee swarm.

All I can say is that I’m INCREDIBLY happy that I’m not actually trying to see (and hear) the game from the stadium. Can you imagine paying a fortune to get to SA, mortgaging your house to buy tickets to watch it live, and then not being able to hear what the hell is going on? Let’s just hope the phenomenon doesn’t catch on in the rest of the world.

Oh yeah, before I forget, CSD (Christopher Street Day – Berlin’s Gay Pride Parade) will be this Saturday. Come out and celebrate!

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5 thoughts on “World Cup Fever

  1. Your schwarz-rot-gold food is fantastic. So creative! And yes, PLEASE make the vuvuzelas stop! I know I'm going to be hearing that sound in my head for years to come. You too?

  2. heya there snooker, click clack gorilla here, from my desk at work…was wondering, would you be into us (us being where i'm an editor) using this blog on our website (our blog has become a wm-only affair since the cup started). we can include a little bio and of course a link to get you a heap of new readers…let me know. hope all is well. drop me an email at if yer interested.

  3. I'm not into soccer, but since lots of people around you are, I'm glad you can share in the fun! Considering that I created and named a cocktail recipe for each member of my hockey team last season, and dedicated a blog to it, I can't judge your food. In fact, I'm thinking that black-red-gold spread is pretty creative, in a good way.I loved it when Tom Tomorrow (the cartoonist) said "vuvuzela" is too good a word to waste on a noisy plastic horn.Still can't believe Elton John sang for Limbaugh's wedding. I hope Limbaugh's at least inadvertently funded an LGBT youth homeless shelter or something.

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