– Random Tuesday Thoughts

Kinda fun thing this Random Tuesday Thoughts. I found it through Blogging Mama I believe, which took me to The Un Mom who actually hosts the thing.

Since I felt like being totally random today it seemed a great time to try this out.

At lunch yesterday a friend said that she doesn’t like blogs with too much personal information. I know blogs like this, where you get to read the absolute minutiae of someone’s life. In some ways for me it can be a bit disturbing. In others it makes me feel closer to them. Either way I don’t think I’ve ever done this with the Snooker blog, in fact while reading afterward sometimes it seems a bit impersonal… eh fuck it, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I can be personal, but just don’t want to get THAT personal. Maybe I should try this personal thing… eh? As far as I know there has never been a direction with the Snooker blog. So hey, I’m random… get it?

This morning seemed perfect to ride Mimi the Vespa even though the sky looked grey and icky and the hit or miss parade (weather forecasters on the radio) talking about nasty weather for my ride home tonight. Aw heck, ya only live once… and I like living it with fresh air! Who cares if there are little water spots on my face shield… it helps to clean the bike! This morning we (yes, WE… Mimi and I… you got a problem with that?) went up onto the bicycle lane again, passed about 3 km of cars which were at an absolute standstill and giggled the whole way! Nobody tell Sweet No, OK?

Tonight I’ll have a blogger dinner with Adam who is coming to Berlin for a quick visit along with Yelli and her Scientist, and never forget the cute and cuddly (he probably wouldn’t appreciate this terminology) Baby Bird!

Last weekend was the birthday party of my Mother in Law. They had a big shindig complete with enough Italian snackies to feed twice as many people as attended. YES, I had my fill of antipasti and then some.

I had a lovely time going from couple to couple laying down my shitty German and seeing them try to understand. Nah, actually it wasn’t too bad. Somehow or another I manage to have decent conversations with folks even though I must admit to having a lot of trouble understanding accents. One guy is from Freiburg and OMG! WHAT language is that!? It is very much like someone from a northern city in America trying to understand the babble which is the language spoken in New Orleans.

Really it shouldn’t be too bad for me, I have an Austrian friend (and we all know THEY don’t really speak German) and a Saxon friend (and she even ADMITS that she doesn’t speak German). But that Freiburg accent always throws me for a loop.

My boss is out of town again… and I love it. Of course it sounds bad to say this, but when she leaves, I finally have time to do all the back work which never seems to get done when she is within eyeshot. She’s a great gal though, and I really like working for her.

On top of regular work duties I also edit all English texts which go out to more than five people. The hard part… we use mostly British English.
Oh yeah, let’s have the American speak a different language for work.
How in the world did we get to the point of the Brits and the Amis spelling so many words differently?
Favorite vs. Favourite?
Center vs. Centre?
Meter vs. Metre?
Catalog vs. Catalogue?
How did we get to spelling Medieval differently? Mediaeval
Program vs. Programme
Traveling vs. Travelling
We won’t even get into the whole language pattern differences and how this confuses me.

Let me just say this… I NEED a haircut. My bangs are now hanging to the bottom of my glasses. It has gotten so long that there is no longer any shape. One of my colleagues wants me to go all girly, but dammit, I’m a dyke. We have special hair needs!

Cliff wanted to get his traditional (I’m away from home haircut) when he was in Berlin but never got it done while here, I wonder if that has changed since getting home.

Looking onto my Google Calendar I see that Thursday is “Corpus Christi”. WTF is Corpus Christi? Some goofy city in Texas gets its own day? I want BERLIN day! Yeah, yeah I get it. I’m sure it has a religious connotation, but it can’t be TOO religious or Germans would have the day off!

Speaking of calendars – I am sooo geeky that I have the perfect calendar set up. Sweet No and I share an online calendar through Google Calendar. Totally cool because at a glance I can see her schedule and mine and know if what I’m preparing to schedule will have a conflict with something she already has. Then we take the geekiness up a notch. We link Google Calendar with our Outlook Calendar… but it doesn’t stop there. THEN we sync our Blackberrys with our Outlook. Is that geeky or WHAT!?!

Speaking of all things GEEK… I am in love with a camera. You might question that someone could seriously be in love with a camera, well the answer is yes. Ladies and gentlemen I am ready to move away from the simplicity that is the Nikon D40x and get into something really complicated. Nikon D90. BUT before she went to Egypt in April, my Sweet No bought a super duper underwater camera along with kickass light system and funky arm set to hold it all together. Just this past week she added to this kit a huge wide angle lens which cost more than my D40x AND my first two lenses put together. Ahem. This effectively means that our budget for such equipment is shot to shit. Prepare for the unfair angle. She uses this camera ONLY for underwater shots which means that she pulls it out twelve times a year maximum. I on the other hand, take pictures every day, 10,000 in the first year of ownership. Where is the love!?!

In the past two weeks both ZZ Top and The Eagles were in town but I couldn’t go to either one because of scheduling conflicts. Sometimes life sux.

OK, I think that is enough for Random Tuesday madness.
Your Disobedient Servant
– Snooker

7 thoughts on “– Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. It is a holiday- in Bavaria and NRW. The spouse has a 4 day weekend (with bridge day).I love the D90 as well, but I can't buy it until we sell either the D50 or the D70s and one of the video cameras: too much stuff! Costco had a great sale on them last month and I was very tempted while in the US, but instead picked up the pocket Lumix.

  2. Cliff wanted to get his traditional (I'm away from home haircut) when he was in Berlin but never got it done while here, I wonder if that has changed since getting home.Yep — went real butch on this one: just 3mm on the sides, faded a bit toward the top and long enough there to put a little goop in it. Helps keep the sweat from dripping down into my eyes after my daily commute. Graphical depiction here.

  3. Wow, that really was random. But I liked it! 🙂 Yeah, Corpus Christi is only a holiday Catholic states: Baden-Württemberg, Bayern, Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland. Lucky them.

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